Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Stunning Frances Rivera

This past Sunday, on August the 14th, I had the incredible pleasure of photographing Boston's most stunning news anchors. But let me talk first about how it all happened. I like to on a regular basis look at people that we see everyday of our lives and what they would be like to photograph them even if they aren't "A MODEL", but could be one.

For me as a person because of my age and maybe experience that I have been through I have set a no limits precedence. Meaning I will never say, "Oh they would never photograph with me. So why bother asking." Until I get an answer of "No, Sorry". That is when I stop. But if you really want to work with someone then there should be nothing stopping you.

So a few months ago after joining twitter and many of the other social networks I decided that I really wanted to photograph Frances Rivera. I watch her everyday on Channel 7 in Boston and she is like my break in the night. Sit back for a half an hour between work I'm doing and just relax listening to the news. So I thought to myself how cool would it be to photograph Frances. She's incredibly stunning and just has such a sophisticated demeanor. Mind you this was based on her apparence. She has a keen sense of fashion and so what is the worst she will say, NO? I added her on Twitter or I might of already had her on Twitter and then also emailed the news station about possibly doing a photo shoot for me.

I waited a little while and then I got the nicest email from her. Saying how honored she was that I would want to take her picture. I didn't expect that at all. I was expecting, "Are you crazy, everyone wants to take my picture, so get in line." But No Frances was and is the sweetest person. She was absolutely flattered that I would want to take her picture and so we set up a date.

In the meantime I emailed her my web site and a lot about me so she didn't think I was some psycho stalker or something.

Over the course of about two months we went back and forth about dates. Her schedule and mine were pretty crazy at the time. Then one day I saw she had posted on Twitter and Facebook that she was moving to New York. I was heart broken. I was thinking, "Just my luck. She isn't going to want to do the photo shoot any more." I had emailed her and she was still so very excited. So by now we had a date in the books and a time.

She wanted to have her picture taken with a view of the Boston Skyline to show people how much she cared about all the years she worked in Boston and how much she appreciated all the people that watched her on a daily basis. She loves Boston! It's been her home for over ten years now.

So on a somewhat beautiful Summer Day we met on Memorial Drive. I really didn't know what to expect. As up to this point we still never talked or met. It was all emails back and forth. I was expecting the same "Professional Frances" to show up and we'd shoot a few pics and she would be on her way.

So we both got there a little late but she was the one that was very apologetic. It was like I was doing her a favor but really she was the one doing me a favor. We both parked and I was in awe at what a truly sweet, kind, down to earth person she was. It was as if we had known each other for years. She instantly offered to help carry some of my photo equipment, which I was totally shocked by. Who was I? Or I should say how lucky was I. Frances and I ended up finding a great spot on Memorial Drive overlooking the city she loves.

We  talked about everything from things going on in our lives to talking about our kids. It was incredible because you forget now that this is the stunning newscaster you watch every night to just a beautiful person that you are photographing.  And of course we talked about her move. She's leaving Boston to be closer to her family and to do more of what she loves, talking to celebs and talking about fashion. Who wouldn't want that job?

I was thinking originally that she would want to shoot for a half hour and be gone. Well two hours later we finally got the shots that we both wanted. She had told me that it will always be a memorable week for her because of all the incredible people she has met in Boston and the outreach of fans and support about leaving Boston and now she really appreciated me being apart of that week in which we did a photo shoot showing her love for the city. For me personally I'll never forget it because the woman I watch every night on TV turned out to an incredible person in real life. It's hard in life to find people that you really click with and could talk to on a regular basis without worrying about how you are going to be judged. Frances turned out to be such a "Real" person. Genuine, kind, laid back with no fake strings attached. She kept on thanking me for doing the photo shoot But I can't be more thankful to her for someone that has very little time in her schedule to spend some of that with me to help me out with pictures for my portfolio. She is truly a gift.

I just want to add that I'm the one that is always the crazy thankful one. Racing home just to thank the person that I photographed. By the time I got home, Frances sent me a text to thank me for taking the time to photograph her. That just shows you what kind of a person she is. INCREDIBLE!!!

I thank you Frances from the bottom of my heart and hope we will be friends for many years to come. By all the messages on Facebook you can tell that you will be greatly missed but know that we are all rooting for you in New York and can't wait to hear about all the new exciting things you are going to be doing in your new adventures in life.

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